Advancing Diversity Ecosystems

In the Construction Industry | An Executive Roundtable Series

Advancing Diversity Ecosystems

In the Construction Industry | An Executive Roundtable Series

What Problem Are We Solving

Significant effort and investment are going into improving diversity in the construction marketplace, but progress is slow and inconsistent. These efforts are often stuck in organizational silos and old paradigms. Innovative leaders need to consider new approaches and possibilities. By exploring ways to better align supplier diversity and DEI efforts, leaders have the opportunity to develop trusted diverse ecosystems and create more sustainable outcomes.

The Executive Roundtable

A series of exclusive, one day invitation-only, in-person events across the United States that bring together thought leaders interested in accelerating supplier and workplace diversity outcomes in the construction industry, while also developing next generation leaders.

The series is intended to start a dialogue that might inspire leaders to become more intentional as they aim to transform their workplace and the marketplace.

Who We Are

This Executive Roundtable Series is a collaboration between A&P International, a transformational business development and training firm that serves the supplier diversity industry, and Go to Market Impact, a business consultancy that supports CEOs and boards to fast-track results of high-stakes strategies and optimize risk.

The founders, Ana Maria Lowry and Susan Schramm, have recently co-authored a book, The Maturity Stages of a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem and are committed to advancing the dialogue related to new ways to improve diversity outcomes.

Ana Maria Lowry

President & CEO,
A&P International, Inc.

Susan Schramm

Go To Market Impact


 A marketplace ecosystem is a network of  organizations that support each other and establish a rhythm of collaboration and interdependence. A diverse ecosystem 
provides a healthy environment for businesses, agencies and non-profits of all sizes and capabilities to work together to create powerful outcomes.

Significant effort and investment is going into improving diversity in the construction marketplace but progress is slow. We believe there is a need to explore ways to better align supplier diversity and DEI efforts. This Executive Roundtable is part of a series of one-day events across the United States to  openly discuss what works and what doesn’t from different points of view and identify specific next steps to improve how the industry works together.

Whether you are a seasoned executive, an entrepreneur or a high potential emerging leader, this half-day event is an  opportunity to stretch your thinking.  You will hear from  leaders from different roles across the construction industry ecosystem, and hear the issues from all different angles. You will have an opportunity to network and build new relationships with others who share your willingness for challenging the status quo.

This is an invitation-only in person event that brings together thought leaders from the construction industry who are interested in accelerating both supplier and workplace diversity outcomes.Attendees are going to actively participate in a  dialogue about what is working and what needs to change. This is an opportunity to not only listen to leaders from all roles in the construction industry, but to share and test your own ideas with others open to changing the status quo. You will walk away with new insights and practical next steps you can apply immediately to accelerate  diversity to create meaningful outcomes. 

To get the most out of the roundtable series:

  • Reflect on the questions when you RSVP, and honestly share your thoughts. This will be a helpful baseline for our dialogue.
  • Be prepared to discuss your own views of what is working and what isn’t when it comes to supplier and workplace diversity in your own organization. 

When Diversity Programs Don’t Work: There’s a Better Way

Despite considerable effort and good intentions, workplace and supplier diversity efforts are often not achieving the goals they were designed for. There is skepticism on all sides.  But there is a better way.

By aligning diversity efforts based on a common set of values, a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem can provide a better way to equip and support ALL participants to thrive. The result is optimized talent and skills, resilient supply chains, competitive advantage, and the creation of small businesses and jobs. This leads to a stronger economy as well as a thriving, trusted, and diverse ecosystem!

With over three decades of experience in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and serving the Supplier Diversity community, Ana Maria Lowry and Susan Bailey Schramm created this book to begin a dialogue. The purpose is to:

  1. provide a vision for what is possible to achieve with a Trusted Diverse Ecosystem, and
  2. invite readers to personally assess the current stage of their own organization’s Workforce DEI and Supplier Diversity programs

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